Layout Ultimate 2006
The Ultimate Frisbee computer game.
Layout Ultimate 2006

The Goods


Layout Ultimate 2006 is the sequel to UPA Frisbee 2004, the first ever (that we know of) Ultimate Frisbee video game. It features 2v2 Frisbee with simultaneous control of the thrower and receiver, and an assortment of modes and features, including ice mode. UPA Frisbee 2004 was the winner of the 2003 CS248 Video Game competition. It is currently maintained by Ari Steinberg as an open source project on Sourceforge. Your contributions (artwork, code, or money) would be greatly appreciated, check out the SourceForge project page or send me an email to find out about contributing.


Realistic Physics

  • Physical modeling is used to govern the flight of the Frisbee and behavior of the players. The disc realistically curves and drifts with the wind, and players make spectacular catches by jumping and laying out. For an added challenge, try playing in ice mode, where players slip and slide to and fro.

Artificial Intelligence

  • Layout Ultimate 2006 features a respectable AI team that will challenge even the best battle-hardened LU players. AI-only mode is also available, allowing you to sit back, relax, and watch the action from the comfort of your office chair.

Internet-based Multiplayer

  • NEW to the Layout Ultimate 2006 release - play against the computer or against a friend over the Internet (warning: LU2006 is currently in beta and the multiplayer in particular is likely to have bugs).

Other features

  • 3D positional sound effects and bumpin' music tracks provided by the great Palivacinni (though of course it is far from his best work).
  • Intuitive mouse gesture-based throwing control allows great flexibility in throw types and trajectories.
  • Advanced rendering effects with 3 lighting modes (day, night, and glowing Frisbee mode), shadows, and a reflective ice surface in ice mode.
  • Cool player animations, including the ability to jump and to lay out. Logo Copyright 2003-5 Mark Slee, Ari Steinberg, Joshua Wiseman.
Frisbee is a trademark of the Wham-O corporation. Our game is actually modeled on Discraft Discs.