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Ultimate Frisbee computer game

About the Creators

Mark Slee

Though I've never played Ultimate on an official or organized team, I've been known to toss the disc once in a while, and apparently am decent at it. My main interest outside of computers is music. If you like what you hear in the game, visit to see what else I'm up to.

Ari Steinberg (current maintainer)

I started playing Ultimate at Columbia High School (in NJ), the place where Ultimate was created about 35 years ago. Here at Stanford, I play on the B-team in my spare time. I'm proud to say this game was my dumb idea, but there's no way I would have gone through with it if not for Mark and Josh. More info about me at my web site.

Joshua Wiseman

I'm a member of the Stanford Bloodthirsty ultimate team, so whenever I'm not programming (which, unfortunately, wasn't very often over the past month), you can usually find me playing some disc and smoking some fools out on Roble field. I transferred from Penn State, so I have strong ties to the Spank ultimate team and, of course, to JoePa's Nittany Lions.

Additionally, we'd like to thank a few people who helped us out:
Peter Samland and Andy Wiens: improved AI to allow for 7 on 7 games (only available in the CVS version, check out the project page for info).
Matt Turnbull: Designed logo for on web site (top right corner!) and the new splash screen.
Evan Tana: some sound effects, lots of testing, generally "cheering" us on. Was the first person to ever win a complete game of UPA Frisbee 2004.
Sarah Hummel: excellent research on Frisbee physics was *EXTREMELY* helpful.
Ziyad Jabaji: helped make rolling Frisbees look nice. Logo Copyright 2003-5 Mark Slee, Ari Steinberg, Joshua Wiseman.
Frisbee is a trademark of the Wham-O corporation. Our game is actually modeled on Discraft Discs.