Layout Ultimate 2006
The Ultimate Frisbee computer game.


Layout Ultimate 2006 uses the SDL and SDL_net libraries for cross-platform compatibility. We currently support Windows, Mac OSX, and most flavors of Linux/Unix. The SDL/SDL_net runtime libraries are included with LU for your convenience, but if you are a Mac or Linux/Unix user you must install it yourself. Windows users do not need to install anything.

Important Note: If you are a Windows user, make sure your system color depth is set to its maximum possible value (24 or 32 bits). Not doing so will result in unplayable frame rates! Instructions for doing this can be found in the file TROUBLESHOOTING.txt, included in the zip-file distribution.

Installation Instructions

  • Download the file (18 MB)
  • Unzip the file and install the SDL/SDL_net runtime libraries (Mac/Linux/Unix only)
  • Be sure to fully extract the zip file, preserving directories, and don't just try to run from within the extracted file.
  • Run the appropriate executable for your OS from the "build" folder
Windows users (particularly NT): if you get an error about missing SDL.dll, try copying the included SDL.dll file into your C:\WINDOWS\ or C:\WINNT\ directory.

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